No:164, 29 May 2017, Press Release Regarding The 24th Anniversary Of Solingen Attack

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 29.05.2017
On 29 May 1993, a German xenophobic/racist group massacred five Turkish citizens in an arson attack in the German city of Solingen. Although 24 years has passed since the attack, the grief of the Turkish people is still fresh. We wish Allah’s mercy upon them.

We sadly observe that racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia is increasing, especially in Western Europe.

It is our hope that tragedies like the Solingen massacre will not occur again.

In this context, we call on prominent personalities, particularly politicians and media representatives in countries where these attacks frequently take place to use uniting rhetoric, instead of divisive remarks and attitude.

Mehmet Vakur Erkul Ambassador
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